The Peepal (pipal) tree has great importance in Hinduism.  Not only has it been linked to the world of religion, but according to botany and Ayurveda, the peepal tree has been considered beneficial in various ways.  We are telling you about some similar health benefits from the peepal tree.

Peepal tree

What is Peepal?

Peepal poison absorbs carbon dioxide, and loss of life means oxygen. The shade of the peepal tree could be very chilly. The peepal tree is about 10 to 20 meters tall. It is multi-branching, large, and lives for many years.

The bark of the previous tree is torn and white-brown in coloration. Its new leaves (peepal leaf) are gentle, clean, and lightweight purple in coloration. Its fruits are fresh, spherical, small. It is inexperienced in uncooked state and purple within the ripe state.

The root of the peepal plant is roofed with seeds contained in the soil and extends very far. Like the vat tree, its previous tree trunk and thick branches emerge from it. This is named peep beard.

These jats will not be very thick and lengthy. A sticky white substance (like milk) is produced by breaking or peeling its stem or branches or by cutting the tender leaves.

Peepal tree

The properties of the Peepal tree have been told in many old Ayurvedic texts that the use of Peepal improves the color, provides relief from wounds, swelling, pain.

The peepal tree purifies the blood.  Peepal bark is beneficial in urinary-vaginal disorders.  The use of peepal bark clears the stomach.  It also enhances sexual stamina and helps in conceiving.

The use of Peepal is also useful in gonorrhea, phlegm defects, diabetes, leucorrhea, respiratory diseases.
Additionally but you might also use Peepal in many other diseases.  Let us know about it in detail.

An experience by Swami Ramdev

Take fresh leaves of Peepal and extract the juice after mincing.  Adding 5-5 drops in the nose stops bleeding from the nose.  Stirring a little sugar candy in 10-15 ml juice is also valuable.

 Let's know, meaningful benefits of Peepal tree -

 1- Shortness of puff - Peepal tree, Each of the problems associated with breathing is treated by ingesting powder of the dried part. Aside from that, drinking its leaves in milk can also be valuable in asthma.

 2- For teeth - Tooth datun (brush) with Peepal makes teeth healthy, and the problem of toothache ends.  Aside from that, using good powder produced by grinding 10 g peepal bark, catechu, and two g black pepper, all difficulties of teeth have been removed.

Peepal tree

 3- Effect of venom - When a doctor isn't present on time every time a noxious creature is bitten. At the same time, the juice of the peepal leaf is supplied to the individual after a time. Also, the impact of toxin begins t decrease.

 4 - Skin Ailments - Eating tender leaves of Peepal or drinking its decoction is beneficial in skin problems like itching, psoriasis, itching. Aside from that, employing peepal bark on the matter of pimples and boils is beneficial.

5- On Wounds - If there is a wound in any part of the body, applying a hot paste of peepal leaves helps to dry the wound.  Aside from that, using this glue every day and employing peepal bark, wounds heal quickly and don't cause a burning feeling.

 6- In Cold - Peepal can be beneficial in chilly and cold. Drying the leaves of Peepal in the shade and also making a decoction of it with sugar candy is effective.  This helps to create the cold quickly.

 7- For the skin - To improve the skin color, a paste of peepal bark or its leaves can be used.  Besides that, besides, it assists in reducing the wrinkles of the skin. Adding brand new root of Peepal and implementing it on the skin reduces wrinkles.

 8- Reduce tension - Peoples are full of antioxidants, chewing its delicate leaves frequently reduces weight and also lowers the impact of aging.

 9- Hemorrhage-  In the event of bleeding in the nose, breaking the leaves of Peepal and extracting juice out of it, and placing it in the back is quite beneficial. Aside from this, beating its leaves, additionally, it brings relief.

10. Increase in appetite is beneficial -
          (Peepal tree seeds)

 If you feel less hungry, then the benefits of the Peepal tree can be taken into this problem.  Consumption of ripe fruits of Peepal cures problems of phlegm, bile, hepatitis, toxin defects, burning sensation, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Peepal tree

 11. Cure Abdominal Pain-

 The pain of peepal leaf cures stomach pain.  Make a tablet by grinding two and a half sheets of Peepal and mixing it with 50 grams of jaggery.  It should be eaten 3-4 times a day.

12. Jaundice Treatment-

 Peel 3-4 fresh peepal leaves with sugar candy in 250 ml water and filters it.  Give this syrup to the patient 2 times.  Use it for 3-5 days.  It is a nostrum for jaundice.

13. Peepal Uses in Typhoid-

 Taking 1-2 grams powder of pipal tree with honey in the morning and evening provides relief in typhoid.

Peepal tree is of great importance on Saturday, definitely worship 

People remove Pitra and Shani dosha,
The peepal tree is sacred -

The Peepal tree has paramount significance in Hinduism. It is taken into account pure and venerable to all bushes. It can also be known as Vishwa Vriksha, Chaitya Vriksha, and Vasudeva.

It is written in Hindu philosophy that the Peepal leaf is the abode of Gods, particularly Vishnu within the blade. However, there are some scientific causes behind worshipping it.

It can also be worshipped loads together with Shani Dev on Saturday, it's stated that this succeeds. There are some guidelines for its worship.
It is alleged that the one who worships with this rule is free from pain. Let us know some comparable causes associated with its worship.

Scientific reason- Peepal tree oxygen 

Most trees release oxygen during the day and consume carbon dioxide.  Whereas all trees release carbon dioxide at night, unlike humans, and take oxygen.

For these reasons, it is said that one should not sleep under the tree at night.
But according to scientists, Peepal is the only tree that releases oxygen for 24 hours, so many diseases are removed by going near it, and the body remains healthy.  Therefore it is worshipped.

Worship gives favorable results.

 By offering water regularly in the peepal tree, wishes are fulfilled.  Enemies are destroyed, along with happiness, wealth, wealth, opulence, child happiness is also attained.  Its worship also gives relief from planetary defects.
Many believe in worshipping the Peepal tree on Amavasya and Saturday.  Doing this removes all the problems.

Burning a lamp of mustard oil under a peepal tree provides excellent benefits.  It is not possible to do this every day, then it is beneficial to do it every Saturday also.

By doing this, pauses become wicked works, and at the same time, you get success in life.  It is considered best to offer water on this Saturday.  Pruning the peepal tree is deemed to be taboo because doing so causes pain to the fathers and also hinders the growth.

Unique tree-

 Modern scientists have additionally known as it a unique tree that releases oxygen 24 hours a day, which is essential for human life. Perhaps, for this reason, this tree is given the dignity of a Dev tree.


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