Internet technology

The world wide web has revolutionized communication, which has become our very best instrument of communication now. It has changed our entire life upside down. 

Now we can send or share information from 1 end into an exceptional portion of the earth in a couple of seconds. 

The worldwide web has eliminated all communication challenges, today we aren’t connected to a specific tool, the world wide web has affected all levels of instruction because of COVID-19. 

Folks may use the world wide web to create, make, and share information in precisely the same moment. 

Individuals may also find new languages online and boost their identity. Now the worldwide network has deviated,  today the way it connects us with our friends, family, and loved ones, are altogether different yet effortless. 

The approach with the community and gadgets becomes adaptable.  You can remain in contact with those who matter to you. I feel connected and near my husband because of technology and online today.

I do not doubt that the Internet has transformed everything. Things were so complicated, but not anymore. 

The Internet has become a requirement of life; it is as important as food.

It is as significant as one takes a breath to survive, Internet has pros and cons too.

During the lockdown, period the internet was the only option left to get survived.

People have worked online, paperless work available.

Last seven months I’ve seen things have developed in internet services and work online.

Internet Technology

The network has become more than only somewhere to find advice: it’s now a place to socialize, communicate, learn, and opine on a vast array of subjects. Blogging is not the domain of the internet futurists but a part of conducting business.

Each time that I go on the Internet these days, I’m surprised by a new role that it’s for our lives. My latest discovery was online tutorials. 

Tutorials are sites that are built to help beginners and amateurs alike find out more within their areas of particular interest. 

Nearly any aspect of life appears to get tutorial websites dedicated that are going to teach you to wish to understand.

There are frequent diagrams, photos, and intensive explanations regarding everything you ever wished to know. Life has changed. Everything is downloadable nowadays, and lots of it’s free.

Internet Technology

It draws tens of thousands of people to the internet every day hoping to start an internet business.

For anybody who has produced a successful business online or tried an internet company, they know better than anybody, that jumping online, developing a site, and attempting to make sales don't makeup success.

Pros -

Working online develops Paperless work, how the internet works. 

Because of COVID-19, education is also online, coaching classes, dance classes, teaching, etc accessible.

The Internet is so powerful today that everything is available online.

Shopping online is so popular these days where one can get good discounts on products hassle-free deals.

GOOGLE has all the answers to your queries if you have an internet connection.

Today you can stay healthy and fit provided you have a good internet connection.

Internet technology

Online yoga classes, aerobic exercise, meditation classes, etc all are accessible, without spending a single penny.

Reading online, if you are a book lover go paperless and flip through online your favorite book.

There are so many online applications available where one can consult registered doctors regarding anxieties to get a prescription online that also hassle-free. 

It saves our time, the internet and technology are changing our lifestyle. 


In the last century, technology is turning away from our bodies. We are losing the zest, flavor, and sense of our ability to pay attention. And we are more immersed in our smartphones and computers. We are also interested in what is happening in cyberspace than in what is happening down the road. 

It is simpler than ever to talk to my sister in Melbourne, Australia, but it is harder to talk to my husband over breakfast because he constantly looks at his smartphone instead of at me.

Individuals are more inclined towards Netflix, Amazon Prime, Airtel Stream, etc.

They have become couch potatoes; it glues most of them to watch all seasons in one go. Physical fitness is on the toss, how they are harming their health without realizing it. 

Internet Technology

The Internet has changed our life so much that it’s overpowering us now. 

Everything or anything is accessible online easily there is no age bar defined.

People are so much engrossed in surfing the internet they have forgotten about their family time, which we call quality time’.

Sitting with family or having food, however, we don’t bother about other family members.

Constantly busy chatting or surfing on the Internet is the level of extreme addiction.

Internet Technology

Individuals are not aware of constantly seeing a mobile computer or any device that can lead to partial blindness or may affect eyesight deficiency.

Playing games online or offline, chatting online, watching series online is so widespread.

Now nobody cares about talk time anymore they only care about Mobile data.

Internet technology

The web, just in its first decade of hot usage, will continue to develop to satisfy the wants and needs of its countless millions of consumers.


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  3. Very well written.its amazing how our lives have changed bcos of internet. Going forward this change is only going to get faster and rapid. Great work rashmi


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